For those who read our newsletters and follow us on social media, they notice that we release solutions on a very regular basis. We are proud to have our 6th solution Dynamics Software Copy Released Product available on the Microsoft AppSource! Copy Released Product is a powerful Dynamics Business Optimizer that saves significant time in the creation process of newly released products and their related data thereby enabling cost reduction. We should invent an app that saves significant time in writing blogs. The current solutions on AppSource work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, soon to be renamed (again) to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition. Easy, Great, Everybody Understands, Period.

I wrote about Microsoft’s good job on continuously changing names of products earlier this year, so I am not going to repeat complimenting them. But just changing names is not proving innovation or advancing technology to make customer’s life easier. Also, I have written on innovation earlier in my innovate or die blob, we are still alive and kicking and the AppSource Apps as well as our other releases proof of our commitment to innovation. One of the big drivers behind the Dynamics 365 concept is to have users use more of the Microsoft software and be more productive with it to realize people’s full potential. Our solutions add value to that realization.

Sometimes we struggle to find the right names for our solutions as well. All our solutions are built on top of (or if you will be embedded in) a business application of Microsoft. They optimize, advance, enhance, improve, strengthen, empower, increase, revamp, lift, amend, elevate, polish, sharpen, charge functionality based on our industry best practices and latest technologies adding value to our customers. So, they are all advanced enhancement value-add business optimizers technologies solutions modules add-ons, making the life of our customers easier.

Technology only make sense if it is making our lives easier, but sometimes it works reversely without even knowing it. This spring I read in an article (de Volkskrant, Martijn van Calmthout) that more icebergs than ever float around on the transatlantic routes. And that is dangerous as you probably have heard that on April 15, 1912, the Titanic disaster happened to result in more than 1500 casualties. What you might know remember or know is that the SS Eastland, a Great Lakes cruise ship, capsized in the port of Chicago on July 24, 1915. 814 people died and that was a direct result of that Titanic catastrophe. The SS Eastland capsized as there were too many lifeboats hanging on that non-stable vessel. These lifeboats were added as there was a nefarious shortage of lifeboats on the Titanic to help save the number of people on the Titanic. This example is described in Edward Tenner’s book Why Things Bite Back. In this book, Edward is proving that a lot of technologies deliver contrary results. See also his TED Talk on unintended consequences.

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