Introducing Dynamics Inventory Insights

Looking for a more efficient filtering of your warehouse inventory and real-time access to on-hand records?

Dynamics Inventory Insights helps streamline your logistics, providing relevant information with meaningful hierarchies based on your unique business.

Companies with multiple warehouses and store locations often struggle with the management of on-hand inventory records and the ability to access and filter record information under changing circumstances. This leads to inefficiencies, wasted time, and lost revenue. By defining a hierarchy, users can group sites and warehouses and efficiently filter on-hand inventory records to display relevant sites and warehouses.

With Dynamics Inventory Insights, sites and warehouses can be structured to ensure only relevant on-hand information is displayed offering a hierarchy structure of sites and warehouses. A user can also define a hierarchy based on the purpose of the warehouse such as inventory, transfer or quarantine.

Dynamics Inventory Insights is available for:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations



On-hand inventory filtering

distinct and efficient, to specify only relevant sites and warehouses.


Levels of sites and warehouses

within flexible hierarchies


Filter records

displayed in on-hand inventory for items


Group sites and warehouses

based on purpose and geographical locations


Dynamics Inventory Insights can provide significant value for companies that are using many sites and warehouses.

By using logistical hierarchies, one can specify which sites and warehouses are relevant to the user and only those can be displayed when searching for an item in the on-hand inventory overview.

How it works

One of the hierarchies is marked as a default. When a user opens the on-hand inventory form, the default hierarchy is applied. However, the other hierarchies, such as secondary hierarchies, can be selected based on the search results and the user-defined default hierarchy.

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