Introducing Dynamics Invoice

Yearly, the accounts payable departments of medium-sized and large organizations manually process amounts of purchase invoices on a manual basis.

There is a strong need to be able to process workloads with higher productivity levels, on reduced resources.

A large portion of manually processed invoices requires a substantial part of staff capacity. Consider the numerous manual activities, such as entry into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations verification of accuracy, the routing for approval and archiving.

By using Dynamics Invoice you can fully automate the processing of incoming invoices, both purchase order related invoices and expense invoices. Savings may run up to 70 percent in FTE’s.

Other benefits of Dynamics Invoice are increased effectiveness by reducing misplaced invoices during the approval process or the gained insight in future expenses and required liquidity by practicing intermediary postings.

Dynamics Invoice is available for:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations



Automatic matching

of invoices based on purchase orders



up to 70% on your invoice processing costs


No misplaced invoices

during the approval process


Intermediary postings

providing an insight into future expenses and required liquidity

Scanning & Line Recognition

Accounts payable departments that work with Dynamics Electronic Invoice Processing start by scanning the incoming invoices. Using Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition the system will automatically recognize input fields.

When it is desirable to match invoices on a line level automatically, line recognition provides added value. It can be set up on a flexible basis by supplier and provides added value when processing recurring invoices form for example lease and telecommunication suppliers.

Electronic Processing

Dynamics Invoice offers a mail application that automatically reads mailboxes and saves attachments and imports invoices. An automated email reply can be sent to a supplier, indicating that the invoice was duly received and will undergo processing. You are also able to process electronic invoices in formats such as EDI, XML or CSV and subsequently handle these entirely automatic without any additional actions.

Expense Invoices

When starting to handle expense invoices, the letterhead details of an invoice are already known and verified. To make an entry, an employee has to code the invoice lines. A classification can be made on cost center or project number and for the coding to be carried out faster and more efficiently, a coding template can be used.

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