Introducing Dynamics Portals

Imagine you can fully optimize your customer’s digital experience across multiple channels and support your field engineers and field sales with all the information they need to serve your customers best.

Dynamics Portals is a framework which enables you to seamlessly share information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint.

Dynamics Portals can be used to build your own enterprise business apps on Microsoft Azure App Services where Microsoft Dynamics 365 non-code app capabilities are not sufficient for your needs.

Such websites can display information you wish to see from any application on any device, at any time. The sites are designed to be responsive, adapting to the resolution of multiple devices and enabling information to be displayed in a user-friendly manner.

Dynamics Portals is available for:

  • all versions of Microsoft Dynamics



Involving customers

and enabling control of their own information


Supporting field sales

with up/cross-selling and your field engineers with equipment insights and historical information



improving with your vendors while sharing information


Reducing back-office costs

benefitting from strong content management capabilities supporting staff

A jump start pack

Dynamics Portals provides a jump start pack, empowering Microsoft Azure Portals with advanced content management, e-commerce and self-service features for customers, employees and business partners that can be tailored easily to your needs.

Dynamics Portals is the only all-in-one Self Service portal for all of your Dynamics 365 applications on any device, at any time.

Potential of Portals

A simple way to understand the potential of the Portal framework solution is to see it as a platform which enables you to show data from multiple sources on multiple devices and let the user update the existing data and insert new data into those systems on any device and from any location, even if your applications are on-premises.

Dynamics Portals can be used for all kind of scenarios where customers, business partners or field employees need access to customer or asset related information from Microsoft Dynamics applications.

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