Microsoft has approved all of our AppSource solutions for the Spring ’18 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Only a couple of years ago, nobody would have believed that overlayering would no longer be allowed, or even be necessary. But with Microsoft and partners working on this together, we’ve now truly entered the era of extensions. Overlayering has become a thing of the past!

As of the Spring 2018 release, only extensions are allowed for Microsoft Dynamics 365. We as Dynamics Software believe that this will a have a positive impact because it will enable our customers to continuously stay up-to-date with the semiannual releases and make the fullest use of our latest releases too. It has been quite a challenge to accomplish, but it feels good to be in the forefront and ready for the future.

Be sure to check out all our approved solutions on Microsoft Appsource.

Eric van Lochem
Executive Director Research & Development