Successful Rental Companies focus on operational excellence by optimizing their rental processes. Profitability can be achieved by improving revenue but also by decreasing operational costs. In the new release of Dynamics Rental Management, we introduce our enhanced capabilities to meet these industry requirements.  Rental companies play a crucial role in nearly all supply chains. By responding promptly and flexibly to customer needs, rental companies are able to provide temporary solutions that contribute qualitatively to the success of its clients. A powerful mobile tool becomes critical to ensure an optimized process. With the latest release of Dynamics Rental Management, we make key-rental functionality available on mobile devices.

When working with the latest release of Rental Management your Rental staff can be equipped with the possibility to perform key tasks on a mobile device to maximize their efficiency. Rental Management can be extended with the latest version of Dynamics Service Management and you can fully leverage this functionality to optimize your Rental processes.

Automatic Service Task creation

Rental Management can automatically create Service tasks to indicate that work needs to be performed. Currently, the following processes are supported:

  • Purchase order, a service task is created after posting the product receipt to assure an optimum quality of the Rental Fleet
  •  Pre-Rental, a service task is created after updating the picking list or posting the packing slip (based upon setup) to assure the Rental Equipment meets the requirements of the customer
  •  Post-Rental, a service task is created after performing a check-in note or terminating the Rental order (based upon setup) to gather all the post-rental information like meter values, report damages, or take pictures.
  • Stock to Rental Asset, a service task is created when a stock to rental asset journal is posted assure an optimum quality of the Rental Fleet

In the Rental parameters it is possible to active-deactivate the automatic task creation and the applicable work order type can be selected. This setup will determine what kind of service task is created in Rental Management. For example, the combination of call type and event code gives the possibility to determine the estimated duration of the service task and if any items will be consumed during the performing of the task.

To ensure an efficient way of creating Service tasks, it is possible to determine per object type if these task needs to be created automatically. Per Service object type a link can be made between the object and the event code.

When, for example, the event code Pre-rental is selected on the object type and that object is rented to a customer, Rental Management will automatically create a service task to perform this activity. When a “back-office” user performs one of the pre-defined processes, Dynamics Rental Management will notify if a service task is created automatically by showing the user an Infolog.

All the Service tasks will be visible in the All Service Tasks overview:

The service task can be assigned to an individual user or to a group of users:

After completing the planning process in the back office and allocating the right resource to the job, the service tasks are sent to the mobile device of the service engineer and will appear in the to-do list.

Dynamics Mobile Field Service

Mobile Field Service is developed to make rental information available on any mobile device. The solution is responsive i.e. will automatically re-size to the resolution of the device it is being used on allowing the user to use any kind of devices such as tablets, smartphones or laptops. Additionally, Mobile Field Service has on and offline capabilities. Once a Rental employee will log into his mobile device, an overview will be shown of the activities that need to be performed:

All the registered information on the mobile device will be stored in AX. Hours and items will be visible on the Service task line, whilst pictures and signatures will be stored as attachments to the service task. The Mobile Solution will ensure a two-way communication between the Mobile Platform and Dynamics Rental Management.

Key Mobile Field Service capabilities include:

  • Registering items, hours on your mobile device and synchronize them to Rental Management

  • Adding pictures or notes to work orders and synchronize them real time to Rental Management

  • Add notes to the service task

  • Digital signature Service task, this signature will also be saved in Rental Management as an attachment of the Service task

All this information will be available in real time for the back-office. By having this information directly in your ERP system, it will avoid that service engineers need to enter data manually.